How To Create An Opt In Page

How To Create An Opt In Page On WordPress

The Objective

In this WordPress tutorial, I will guide you on how to create an opt in page on WordPress in 3 simple steps without using any plugin.

You may watch the tutorial video below for more details and read on:

Step 1: How To Create A Sign-Up Form

  • You can use your own autoresponder if you like, but in this tutorial, I use AWeber as an example. For easier to follow along in this tutorial, I suggest you get a free AWeber account here.
  • You can also refer to this tutorial on the step-by-step sign-up process here.
  • After you created the free account, login to your AWeber dashboard and go to the “Sign Up From” and select “Create a Sign Up From” then select “For My Website” (The new AWeber dashboard might be different from the video tutorial above by the steps still the same)
  • At the Template Gallary select any design that you like and click on “Load Template”
  • After that, you can play around to customize any necessary adjustments that are suitable for you.
  • After you are happy with the design, click the “Go To Step 2” button.
  • From here, give your sign-up form a name and select a thank you page for this form. You may select the default thank you page or a custom URL you want or just stay on the same page after signing up, and click the “Save The Form” button then the “Go To Step 3” button.
  • At the next screen, select “I Will Install My Form” and copy the code. Javascript Snippet or Raw HTML Version both will work.

Step 2: Create An Opt In Page On WordPress Dashboard

  • After you login to your WordPress dashboard, go to the page add a new page.
  • You can play around with the WordPress default editor Gutenberg to make some designs on your page such as the heading title for your opt-in page, the layout designs, and the colours. Refer to the video tutorial above under Step 2.
  • Anywhere on the page you want the form to appear, you will need to insert a “Custom HTML” blocks where you need to paste the code you have copied from AWeber.

Step 3: Create A Thank You Page

  • A thank you page is a page you want your subscriber to redirect to after they signed up. This can be a download page if you are offering something for your subscriber to download.
  • You can refer to the tutorial video above under “Step 3” where I will show you how to quickly create a thank you page.
  • After your created the thank you page, copy the thank you page URL and go back your AWeber account to update you thank you page URL in the settings under “Sign Up Form” tab and click on save form.
  • Do a test on your sign up form to make sure it works correctly.

Recommended Alternative

Alternatively, you can install the AWeber plugin to your WordPress where you can customize the landing page URL to your domain custom URL. You can download the plugin here.

Personally, I will keep minimum plugins install on my website especially the simple task that can be manually done easily. The more plugins you installed, the slower your site load. This is also the same with the more effect you apply to your website, the slower it will loads.


You can use the above 3 steps to create an opt-in page easily using any sign-up form from any service provider. The process is more or less the same.

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