Duplicate Page In WordPress

How To Duplicate Page In WordPress (Only 2 Steps)

The Objective

In this guide, I will share a faster way on how to duplicate pages or posts in WordPress easily. Why do we want to duplicate a page or post? Let say we want to use the majority format or structure of a page or post, then duplicating a page or post is the better option rather than create everything from scratch.

Watch the video below for full details:

Step 1: Install The Plugin

  • In your WordPress dashboard, go to the plugin, add new, search for “Yoast Duplicate Post
  • After the plugin is installed, I suggest go to the plugin setting to set a remark in “Title suffix” so that, every time when you duplicate a page or post, you will know which is the original and which is the duplicated.

Step 2: Duplicate Page Or Post

  • Go to any page or post you want to duplicate, you will notice there is a new option “Clone” under the page or post.
  • Click on the “Clone” to duplicate the page or post you want.
  • After that, you will see the duplicated page or post will be in draft mode. Another way is to see the date and time the page or post was created, the latest copy will be the clone copy.
  • Finally, click on preview to check the clone copy display correctly


This is the fastest and easiest way to duplicate a page or post in WordPress. There is another free plugin “Duplicate Page” you can use to do this task. Both are great and simple to use and free.

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