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How To Hide WordPress Login Page – 2 Methods

The Objective

In this guide, I will show you how to hide WordPress login page or how to change your WordPress login URL using the easy and safe method. As we all know the default WordPress login page can be easily access by anyone just by going to yourdomain/wp-admin.php or yourdomain/wp-login.php.

For some reason or security reason, if you don’t want your WordPress login page to be easily get targeted, you can make your own WordPress custom login page by using the 2 methods that I will show you.

Method 1: Using A Light Weight Plugin (Easy)

Just watch the short video below to the end and you will be able to change your default WordPress login page using this method.

Method 2: Hide WordPress Login Page Without A Plugin (Manually)

Here are 4 steps you need to do to hide your WordPress login page manually in this method:

Step 1: Download the “wp-login.php” file.

Normally, the “wp-login.php” is located in your public_html folder or the folder you installed WordPress. Download the file and rename the file with your preferred URL name. exp: rename “wp-login.php” to “power-login.php”

Step 2: Change the login URL.

Edit the file you rename in step 1 and use any text editor with the find and replace function to find all “wp-login” to replace with “power-login” and save the file.

Step 3: Upload the new file.

Upload the new “power-login.php” back to where the original “wp-login.php” is located. After that, I suggest you don’t delete the original “wp-login.php” but you can move that file to a new folder where you can name that folder as “original” as a backup in case anything goes wrong.

Step 4: Test the new file.

If everything is done correctly, you will be able to go to your WordPress login page with the new URL (youdomain/power-login.php). Now, if you key in the original login URL it will redirect you to the error 404 page. You restore to your original login URL by bringing back the “wp-login.php” file to the public_html folder or the folder you installed WordPress.


In my opinion, if you are non-techy, to play save use the plugin method. It is a very lightweight plugin to install and you will skip any compatibility issue in the future in case there are some plugins that will contain code with wp-login.php. For better security, you should install a well-coded security plugin and always keep all your installed plugins And theme up to date. Refer here for the best well-coded plugins.

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