How To Make Money With WordPress Blog

How To Make Money With WordPress Blog In 10 Steps

The Objective

In this checklist article, I will share with you the 10 simple steps on how to make money with WordPress blog. These steps are simple, but the action to implement is base on individual perseverance.

By using this method that I’m going to show you, I need you to understand that failure is a normal process to the journey of success. The more you failed the more you will learn and the better you are going to be. So, don’t get distracted by failing.

Watch the tutorial video below and you can refer to the checklist below as your roadmap:

Step 1. Start a niche blog using WordPress

  • Prefer a high demand niche
  • Choose a niche where people are willing to spend money
  • A niche that you would spend money on or the niche that makes you finally buy, hehe..
  • Make a simple website with no ads, no Adsense or any other annoying stuff like pop up, etc. Just a straight to the point website
  • Use SEO-friendly URL for your website

Step 2. Choosing your niche

  • Research popular websites, other blogs, forums
  • Research popular youtube channels
  • Research for popular social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. in your niche
  • Finds out what are the common things that people are buying, what are the common problems they have, etc.

Step 3. Write down 20 helpful and informative article ideas for your niche

  • If you can’t even get 10 article ideas, you might choose the wrong niche for you, consider going back to step 2 choosing your niche.
  • Best if you can come up with a minimum of 20 or more article ideas, you are choosing the right niche for you.
  • Don’t start writing yet, just come up with the article titles

Step 4. Find out all the most commonly used keywords in your niche

  • Use the free Google Trends, Keyword Planner Tools, Youtube Keyword to look for commonly used keywords in your niche
  • You can learn how to use Keyword Planner Tools effectively here or easily search on Google on how to use those free tools
  • List all the keywords and get 3 to 4 keywords that can be the categories name for your website

Step 5. Start your attack plan to write your 20 ultimate informative articles

  • Put the keywords into the title and body content, don’t overdo it, Just write naturally
  • Publish each article as you finish writing
  • Don’t spam, just share softly on your article on another place that are related when you can, like social media, email, forum, etc. If your article is helpful and informative, it will go viral without having spam to everyone
  • Try to categorize all your articles into 3 to 4 categories at the most. The categories name should be the most common keywords in your niche that you list down in step 4.
  • Your website goal is not to be perfect in everything but only to solve people’s most critical issues. Your website will appear more useful to visitors if you focus it this way
  • Answer post comments as soon as you can

Step 6. Start thinking of ideas for an ebook or simple course

  • See what others are selling and what’s popular
  • Get your ideas from the feedback you get
  • Ask yourself what would you buy?

Step 7. Create your e-book or simple digital course

  • The goal should at least solve a problem for others that can bring them one step ahead to their successful journey
  • It doesn’t have to be the best e-book or course ever, it will take forever if you try to be perfect
  • Write between 50-100 pages at the most or simple digital course
  • Most important, give as much value as possible in your e-book or digital course as well as something like over deliver

Step 8. Promote your ebook or digital course

  • Promote it on your website by just posting a banner or button anywhere you think is suitable
  • Make a simple soft sell sales page. Simple works!
  • The e-book or course will sell if you’ve created helpful and informative articles earlier. The hard work you did will sell your e-book or course for you.

Step 9. Invest the money you get to better yourself and essential tools

Step 10. Start building your community empire

  • By now you need more focus more on your Facebook group or page to build your community empire
  • Be interactive with other genuine marketers or websites that are related to your niche
  • Make a Youtube channel to turn your blog post to videos as content and link to your website
  • Rinse and repeat to expend your branding.


The main reason 99% of internet marketers never make any money is that they never take action to implement and focus a lot of time on everything at the same time for all the things that don’t matter and ignore the things that really do matter. They were just complaining about everybody’s fault except himself.

Just focus on 1 strategy at a time for maximum output. 20 blog posts and an e-book or a simple course is your target. Your only success factor is how you can repeatedly fail and improve again and again.

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