How To Reset WordPress Website

How To Reset WordPress Website (1-Click)

The Objective

In this tutorial, I will guide you on the easiest way on how to reset the WordPress website to the default settings just like a fresh newly installed WordPress site.

Say you have tried out so many plugins and themes, and you feel that you have messed up your website and you would like to reinstall your WordPress, resetting your site will be the faster option rather than reinstall the whole site again.

Note: Always do your website backup first before doing anything to your website

If you prefer in video tutorial, you may watch the below video:

The Reset Procedure

  • At your WordPress dashboard, install a plugin called “WP Reset” and activate the plugin.
  • After the plugin is activated, you will see a new option WP Reset under the “Tools” settings
  • I will leave everything as default and scroll down to the Site Reset box to type “reset” and click on the “Reset Site” button.
  • Nest, at the pop-up message, click on the “Reset WordPress” button.
  • After the reset progress is completed, you will see your website is just like a newly installed WordPress site.


Resetting your site can be a good idea if you just want to test out some plugins and themes for your test website or for any reason you want a new fresh WordPress installation.

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