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Top Cheap Web Hosting Options Reviews 2021

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The Objective

This is the list of top cheap web hosting options that you can consider. If you are looking for what is the best cheapest hosting or which web hosting is best for beginners, I hope that this guide will help you to make clear decisions to select the fastest and cheapest hosting for you.

This review guide will be updated from time to time if I found an additional or better replacement. Yes, this is the most recent update. (Last Updated On: AUG 2021)

My compared criteria are:

  1. Speed (litespeed)
  2. Reliability (up-time)
  3. Features (easy to make changes, beginners friendly)
  4. Pricing (not too expensive).
  5. Customer service (with live chat, user experience)

Types Of WordPress Hosting

Shared hosting is a low-cost option, but functional and is great for beginners or new websites with no or little traffics. It is very easy to use and easily allows you to host more than 1 website and still pretty fast if you select a good web hosting company.

The moment you hit around 25000 visits per month and assume that you make earnings, you should consider moving to VPS. Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting provides more space and bandwidth to manage a higher influx of traffic to your website. VPS Hosting allows you to expand a website over time so you can easily scale up your website as it grows.

My Recommendation: These are my Top cheap web hosting options

SiteGround – My No1. Recommendation. All the latest technologies, speed, reliability, customer support, and officially recommended by WordPress, all belong to SiteGround. If you don’t mind paying a little extra, you will never go wrong with this hosting company.

Bluehost – Best for beginners and also officially recommended by WordPress.

Hostinger – Fastest among the cheapest and have everything a beginner needs. Check out my full review here

YouStable (IN) – Sounds interesting. Cheapest web hosting per year in the market with very low and affordable prices. Located in India. Check out my full review and demo here.

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